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Are There Any Free Massage Courses?

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Have you ever considered doing a massage course? Are you looking for something to help your career or just a little something to do in your spare time? Most people will look at free massage courses when they consider doing this. The real problem comes with finding quality courses for free.

What to look for in massage courses

If you are going to do massage courses you need to know what they should cover. You will first have to find out which part of the body they will be focussing on. Some courses focus on the head while others will be more general. It is important that the course educates you on when the massage techniques should be used. The best courses you can get will teach you more than one technique to use. The reason for this is that one technique might not be appropriate for the person you are massaging. It is ideal that you course covers both practical and theoretical aspects of massage. While it is fine to know how to do something it is better to know why you are doing it and how it is affecting the body.

Where to look for free massage courses

Once you have decided that a massage course is what you want to do you may consider free ones? The only problem is where do you find these free courses?

* Most towns will have a community college that may offer these courses for free. However, you may find that the schedule for any free course has them few and far between. Additionally, you may find that there is a small rate being charged at the college for certain courses.

* Very rarely you will be able to get vouchers for a course. This will generally be a very basic course which may be designed to leave you wanting more.

* Massage instructors who are just starting out may offer a free course. It is much harder to find these courses as they will not be largely advertised. Looking in your local paper or at notice boards in town can lead you to these rare finds.

Some warnings to keep in mind

It is best that you approach free courses carefully. If you just take the first free course you find you may have a number of problems afterwards.

* Free courses often don’t cover the same material as paid ones. The idea behind most free courses is to have you go on to buy the next course. This means that they will give you just enough to get you interested but you have to pay to know more.

* Free courses are not recognised the same as paid ones. Very few employers will hire a massage therapist on the basis that they have completed a free course. If this is what you want to do then it would be better to go with a paid course.

It is possible to find free massage courses even if it is harder to find them than paid ones. Of course you have to be aware of some of the problems that can come from doing these courses.